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Thank you to the Oddy members who recommended Rick Nabers over at Weseloh Honda in San Juan Capistrano! We went to Rick Monday(10/14) afternoon originally looking for a 2003 SageBrush Odyssey EX. They only had Sandstone available but wasn't interested. We asked about SageBrush and he said it is hard to get and they probably wouldn't get one until January besides, they charge $1000 over MSRP for the SageBrush. We asked about silver and he said it would be alot easier to find for a dealer trade in. We settled for silver if it could be found. After an hour of searching, we told Rick we will be heading home and to give us a call when one was found. Rick called us back a few hours later and found a silver one to be delivered that evening. When he received it though, it had a big scratch on it so he sent it back. The next afternoon, Rick called us back and says he found a silver from another dealership. A phone call later he tells us it was just sold by that dealership but he had better news...He found a SageBrush EX! I said, "Great, but are you willing to sell it at MSRP?" He said "No problem." So we picked up our brand new SageBrush Odyssey last night(10/15)! No pressure, very nice gentleman as past Oddy members said. Pretty easy sell as this was our first time purchasing a vehicle. I would definitely recommend Rick Nabers for SoCal buyers! If anyone is interested, I can post pictures and quicktime video to get an idea what sagebrush looks like for potential future buyers.


2003 Sagebrush EX
cargo tray, mud guards
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