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I live in Canada and just picked up my new 2011 Touring with crappy all season tires. I am trying to find out what is involved in putting on winter rims and tires and had a couple questions as it seems no one at honda has an answer.

1. Is there any negative side effects to drving with winter rims without the TPMS? (other than the light always stays on) I have been told that it may cause problems to the traction control and therefore should be avoided???

2. If i do go with TPMS, can I use the ones that Tirerack would sell as being "compatible"?

3. What size of winter rim can I go with? Honda says that Honda parts only sell a 17" steel wheel and therefore that is my only option. the manual states that the OEM size, 18", should be used when changing rims. Oddly enough, the tire width is the exact same for the 17" and 18" 2011 odyssey's.

4. I have 2 options:
a) buy a complete honda kit with the 17" steel rims and Honda TPMS sensors, somewhat expensive
b) buy a set from tire rack in the proper 18" alloy rim (17" is option as well) with "compatable" TPMS sensors or not at all. half the price as (a).

Any and all input is appreciated.


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1) I am not 100% sure but I find it hard to believe that the TPMS would have anything to do with the traction control. There are speed sensors used for ABS that should be plenty sufficient to support traction control. That being said I would strongly suggest that you use the sensors as you will have the wheels for a long time and they do serve a purpose.

2) Tire Rack has a very strong reputation and if they say the are compatible I would be confident that they are.

3) For winter wheels 17's are the preferred option but there is no problem with 18's. It is normal for the width to be the same on either size wheel. The only change is typically the sidewall height. I would personally stay with aluminum as you will have them on a good portion of the year and they look way better than steel.

4) You have much better options than those you have listed. Your best choice will likely be factory take off wheels from someone that wanted to immediately replace them. Many of the Acura wheels will fit as well and there are plenty available on ebay or the Acura forum. Once you find wheels buy the tires and sensors and have them installed locally.
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