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Zaino for my Civic?

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Just reading all the oohs and ahhs about this stuff makes me wanna get some!

The paint on my '95 Civic coupe is in pretty darn good condition (considering it's spent most of its life outside). But it could be better, it looks awesome when it's wet (it's that pretty teal color that gets really deep and metallic when wet). But anywho, I was wondering what Z products you guys recommend. I looked at the site and it seemed like I'd need the clay bar, the pretreat stuff, Z3 and Z5. A garage door closed on this thing when it was two days old, so there's some fine scratches on the trunk and roof, and I found some funny swirl marks when painting the moldings yesterday (my justification for Z5). Did I miss anything? This is gonna run me $30-$40 right?



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